• March 20, 2023

BEING WELL IN THE WORKPLACE: Adopting a wellness approach into the way in which you work

BEING WELL IN THE WORKPLACE: Adopting a wellness approach into the way in which you work

BEING WELL IN THE WORKPLACE: Adopting a wellness approach into the way in which you work 1024 1024 Kierra Greene

Over the years the conversation about workplace wellness has expanded dramatically as the economy has shifted. It seems as though “wellness” has become a hot buzzword that has affected companies of all sizes. The logic behind it is simple — when employees are happy and engaged, business results tend to reflect a positive outcome. However, to attain these results companies should be assessing the need and their capability to increase wellness within their culture over time. Almost every employee, no matter the level, could use some type of support in balancing a healthy relationship with work. When there is a focus on education, motivation, and the push to implement wellness best practices, it allows for the development and overall growth of your P.E.O.P.L.E


Prior to 2020, wellness in most companies was considered a nice to have benefit. In fact, new research from Gartner reveals that although 87% of employees have access to mental and physical well-being offerings, only 23% of employees use them; this is a telling sign of how much wellness needs to be uplifted and encouraged. This may be due to the fact that the results stimulates progressive, incremental change over time.

Productivity is a key bi-product of workplace wellness, but lets review other important elements to consider. Not only does being well increase longevity of life, but it also increases engagement; a metric that often gets overlooked. Honing in on both emotional and mental wellness (not just physical) drives a workplace that develops better leaders and encourages collaboration. All it takes is an investment from the company to make all the difference to your current employees, potential recruits, and even your bottom line. Does your organization currently have active programs in place to instigate wellness?


What’s most interesting about wanting to get rid of unhealthy habits, is that most of the time you may already know in what areas, change will serve you best. The ironic part is that it typically takes a big event, or a pile-on of events to occur before you may be forced to take action. Just think about it, how many times have you put off lunch, or eaten at your desk to power- through tasks? Or perhaps you don’t prioritize taking off from work enough. Over time these types of habits can take a toll on your physical and mental health, thus affecting your overall wellness and ability to be productive.

As a best practice, we always believe in establishing and building relationships before you need them or before a conflict arises. If you already have a good relationship in place, you will be in a better position to help navigate conflict as they come about. 

Here are simple tips that you can use to support wellness in the workplace:

  • Take breaks away from your workspace
  • Set healthy boundaries and delegate when necessary
  • Use your PTO 
  • Connect with colleagues

Like most things in life, wellness only works when intentional steps are taken to infuse it into your lifestyle. The best way to form a new habit is to tie it to an existing habit; this should be done by making small changes that will eventually evolve into your everyday normal.


The hustler mentally has taken a toll on the way in which society defines hard work. If you’ve ever experienced a team retreat hosted by DB Latimore Professional Services Group, then you know we like to incorporate child’s play into our training modules to display simple yet familiar ways to evoke togetherness. This is because, even as adults, we must unlearn some bad habits and adopt new ways to thrive and meet goals.

If you gain nothing else from this blog, remember that you should be well in and out of work. It is impossible to be human and performative 100% of the time. This is why wellness should be at the top of your priority list, because when it’s not, it can show up in many areas of your life. Start today by uncovering ways to be well and you’ll see the difference in your ability to see and be seen.


DB Latimore Professional Services Group, provides services that are tailored to the needs of an organization by utilizing our exclusive Productivity Powered by P.E.O.P.L.E.® framework. We provide leadership development that aligns with strategy by cultivating employee value — driving productivity that educates and empowers workforce longevity.

Make a change in your strategic approach to developing leaders for operational success.We encourage you to take action now! Engage with us today and allow our team to access and understand your environment to develop a customized plan for your organization. Schedule your consultation today.

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