Executive Leadership & Professional Coaching

DB Latimore Professional Services Group offers a multitude of executive leadership and professional coaching services to employees at all levels within an organization—from individual contributors to senior leaders. Choose from the following options:

Individual coaching

Team/Group coaching

Presentation coaching

Professional transitional coaching

Peer coaching (invitation only)

We use a variety of assessment, evaluation, and facilitation techniques and tools that are designed from a core foundation that addresses specific areas in both personal and professional development. Each series of coaching sessions is available in 3-, 6-, 9-, or 12-month intervals across a variety of platforms to enable enhanced productivity.

Past participants of our coaching programs have reported the following results upon completion of a series:

Heightened self-awareness and levels of empathy

Increased levels of motivation and self-regulation

Boosted cognition and mindfulness in the workplace

Boosted cognition and mindfulness in the workplace

Improved leadership abilities and social skills

Maximized strengths and overcame weaknesses

At DB Latimore, our bespoke programs are customized based on our clients’ needs utilizing our exclusive Productivity Powered by P.E.O.P.L.E. ® framework and include initial consultation, diagnostics, leadership assessments, and behavior-based solutions.