• May 24, 2016

CAUTION: MOTIVATION CHECK UP IN PROGRESS (as published in Ealon Magazine)

CAUTION: MOTIVATION CHECK UP IN PROGRESS (as published in Ealon Magazine)

CAUTION: MOTIVATION CHECK UP IN PROGRESS (as published in Ealon Magazine) 672 241 admin


Recently at the urging of my team, I agreed to take on a major writing project.  I was excited about the concept and certainly knew that I could accomplish the goal within the six week time frame.  About three days into the project, my mind entered the Motivation Free Zone (MFZ). That is the area in your mind, body and spirit, where you lack focus or energy to engage.  While in the MFZ, I found myself working on everything except the project.  The longer I dwelled there; I began to lose my inspiration and my passion.  Each time a member of the team asked “How’s it coming?” I would respond “no worries, it will be done.”  I started to repeat the mantra – I am just not motivated.    I realized it was time for me to have a Three Part Motivation Check Up.

Part I: – :  Answer the question:  What is the reason I am doing this AND is it aligned with my values?  Motivation is defined as the reason or reasons one has for acting.  There are two types of motivation Intrinsic (self-motivated) and Extrinsic (motivated by external force).  Once you answer the “Why” the next step is to assess if what you are doing is aligned with your values.  Often times we take on projects, goals, or activities based on the extrinsic value and struggle with moving forward or acting because of the misalignment.  Impact:  if you know the reason why and it is aligned with your values – move forward to Part II of the Check Up.  If there is a misalignment – assess if this is something you should be doing at this time

Part II:   Conduct a Seven point Wellness Check. Low motivation will manifest itself in a in the form of low affect.  Low affect can be seen in your facial expressions, hand gestures, tone of voice when talking about the project or activity.  It may also take on physical attributes such as fatigue, and or anxiety. Lingering in the Motivation Free Zone may lead to behaviors such as avoidance, over simplification or over confidence.  The seven point wellness check requires you to look into the seven areas of wellness:  physical, emotional, spiritual, occupation, social, financial and environmental.   Impact:  If all things check out and you are well, move to Part III.  If you are deficient in any of the seven areas, get a tune up.

Part III:  Answer the Question behind the Question:  “What’s In It for Me?” (WIIFM)     Low motivation, the lack of a reason to act may be embedded in a fundamental need not being met.  Answering the WIIFM question is directly tied to the five interconnected basic human motivators (Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs: physiological, security, belonging and esteem, self-actualization.) We are all striving for the 5th motivator – self-actualization.  Self-Actualization is obtained through self-fulfillment and achievement .It is the act or fact of fulfilling our ambitions, desires or goals through our own efforts.  Impact: Adhering to the WIIFM principle and answering the question will enable you to connect with your actions through purpose.  Some might suggest this is being selfish, I assert that it is acknowledging your self-worth.  WIIFM (What’s In It for Me) helps you to have a sense of your own value.

Following my three point motivation checkup, it was clear that I had a deficiency in the social and environment compartments of my wellness wheel.  I was missing the social interaction of collaborating with others on the project and working in an isolated environment not conducive creativity.  Once I made adjustments, I became inspired and completed the e-book on schedule!

In conclusion if you find yourself lingering too long in the Motivation Free Zone (MTF) conduct a three point motivation check up and be inspired.    If you’d like to learn more about the Three Point Motivation Check Up schedule a free consultation @ dblatimorepsg.coachesconsole.com

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