• March 21, 2014

What is a Human Productivity Executive – Really?

What is a Human Productivity Executive – Really?

What is a Human Productivity Executive – Really? 150 150 admin

Recently I was having lunch with my coach Shari, at one of my favorite restaurants The Iron Bridge Wine Company. The purpose was to discuss my business model and my emphasis on human productivity. Our server came by to check on us and Shari took the opportunity to introduce me. She said: “this is Daphne; she is a Human Productivity Executive. Do you know what she does?” Without hesitation our server responded, and I’m paraphrasing “she works to help people behave better and be more productive, my cousin is studying something like that at George Mason…..” The conversation continued for a few more minutes about each of our chosen professions.

This is not the first time, which the question around what I do has been presented. I was challenged during my training at the Center for Executive Coaching to present my framework and articulate my specialty and once the firm was launched; I posed the question to a few of my nieces. One responded as following: “Sounds like you help bring out and organize the talent within individuals and businesses to lead them on the path to success, using your expertise in HR, Coaching and Planning………I can see it now – you and your team walking into businesses and everyone hiding behind their cubicles shaking because DB Latimore just walked in the door and things are really about to shift in this place!!!!” It is not as dramatic as she imagines but I still chuckle at her comment, because I knew she understood what we do.

However, recently I was asked the question: “Is there really such a job as a Human Productivity Executive or did you make it up to distinguish your business?” The question left me wondering how many others might have the same thought. I am proud to say that yes there is a field of study and a job focused on Human Productivity.

At DB Latimore Professional Services Group, LLC we couple our Human Resources expertise with the theories and techniques of organizational behavior to assist individuals and organizations in achieving maximum productivity. We embrace the concept that people behave according to their interaction in different settings, however the critical driver of their behaviors are their values, assumptions, beliefs and expectations (known as VABEs). We support the belief that minor adjustments (behavior modifications) to the way work is defined and delivered will improve organizational and individual productivity.

In less technical terms – as a Human Productivity professional, I help bring out and organize the talent within individuals and businesses to lead them on the path to Productivity Powered by P.E.O.P.L.E. ®

To learn more about the services of DB Latimore Professional Services Group, visit us at dblatimore.com or contact me @ 703-887-6501.

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