• July 13, 2014

“The Integrated Professional: Well, Wealthy and Wise” – Do You Give IT All Away?

“The Integrated Professional: Well, Wealthy and Wise” – Do You Give IT All Away?

“The Integrated Professional: Well, Wealthy and Wise” – Do You Give IT All Away? 150 150 admin

Most of us have been taught that it is nobler to give than to receive. While giving can be a wonderful, heart-warming experience, giving too much of our time and energy can be detrimental to our total well –being, creating a deficit in our personal wealth accounts.  This bankruptcy can lead to anxiety, being overwhelm and burnout. Take this quiz to see if you are giving it all away.


1. I force myself to do things even when I don’t have the energy to do them.


2. I ignore my body’s “no” signals when I think someone’s needs are greater than mine.


3. I hate conflict, so I’ll do whatever it takes to avoid it, which often means doing something I don’t want to do.


4. I feel obligated to answer the phone when it rings even when I really don’t want to.


5. The amount of time I spend listening to others far exceeds the amount of time that others listen to me.


6. If I don’t answer all the emails I receive I feel guilty.


7. In order to provide luxuries for my family I work more hours than I want to.


8. I schedule my work time around my clients’ needs rather than around my own.


9. I can’t say no when people in need ask me for money.


10. When I’m out to dinner with people who have less money than I do, I feel obligated to pick up the check.


11. I volunteer for my place of worship or other organizations even if I don’t have the time.


12. People won’t like me if I say no.


13. I’m the person everyone calls when they need help: a babysitter, chauffeur, or someone to fill in at work.


14. My children’s happiness comes before mine. I’ll do whatever it takes to make them happy.


15. I have a hard time saying no to my partner because I want him/her to be happy, even if saying yes makes me unhappy.


16. I feel selfish if I don’t share what I have with others.


If you answered true more often than false, you may want to find ways to create a more integrated lifestyle by getting clear on your values and priorities and learning more about boundary setting.  To explore more on the Integrated Professional contact me at dblatimore.com/contact


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